Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flaming Eagle; Burned Alive

Each time I soar high and at the crescendo, the very peak, I am unstoppable.
This unnatural force to be reckoned with.
Flying high, fine as wine
A midas touch with sticky fingers.

After every crest there is a descent and
Mine are never gentle.
From the pentacle of my grandeur,
I must drop.
Consumed by fire, fueled by velocity
Burning down to near nothingness.

No holds are barred and I take no prisoners.
All is fair in love and war, and baby,
You are both.
Love, war, fairness, unfairness
In my furious closure
I feel I am being burned alive
and I feel I must take you with me
Into this pile of ash and charred bone.

Soon, I will be reborn
Fresh and vulnerable and new
From whence I came.
From all the death and dusty remains
I come out clean.
At the beginning again, but still clean.
You're not coming with me.

It feels different every time.

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