Sunday, February 28, 2010

Into the Sun

The burn of cheap vodka
And the following warm glow
Intermingled with the smog of cigarettes
And its surprising warm comfort
The cold, awful chill of winter outside
And the humor in its familiarity
Staring straight at a tiny black dot
Right into your eyes
Laying in bed with the phone pressed to one ear
And a familiar voice ricocheting inside my head
The thrill and comfort you brought me
The longing and joy you gave me
You made me see past jealousy and spite
I ignored secrecy and manipulation because you instead
Sent me courage and grace
And honesty and confidence
There were other things, though
The pain you felt
The women who actually had you
The far and uncloseable distance
Something about you is so unbelievably perfect
Yet everything around you is so utterly wrong

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