Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In The Beginning

Like Eve gave to Adam, the bitter poisonous apple.
She knew she shouldn't have, but she wanted to.
She wanted to give and share what she wasn't supposed to know.
To show what she had learned,
To tell what she was told.
Revealing the inner secrets of the darkest order.

He fell for it.
He took it.
He knew it was wrong. Felt it was bad.
But took a bite anyway.

He fell into that same mysterious, downward path.
Slipping backwards into irrevocable actions.
Let himself feel vulnerable,
Felt her vulnerability.

She didn't do it to be wicked.
Or to ruin him. Shame him.
She did it so she could feel him,
And hold him inside of her for at least one moment.
Regardless of how erroneous it was.

It was beautiful; it was terrible.
That blessed moment of imperfect union.
Magical and full of fault.
Full of mistakes with no one to blame.

Unlike Adam and Eve, the punitive God doesn't exist on the same plane.
Unless you count
Guilt and
Regret and
Utter embarrassment
For making the wrong decision and not thinking about any future consequence.

She would be remorseful.
He would be punished.

Maybe unlike Adam and Eve, there will be no bad consequence.
Maybe it was supposed to happen.
Maybe it was good.

She would be ecstatic.
He would be rewarded.

Maybe this tiny rift will not ripple through the rest of their lives.
Maybe life will continue unchanged.
Like nothing ever happened.

She would lament it.
He would move on.

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