Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Letter to Teenage Girls

Dear teenage girls,

May you never be thoroughly content. I pray that when you get up in the morning, your hair is never quite so. Please, let your clothes be mundane, without labels or any style. Teenage girls, I hope that you have glasses and braces and you are a bit overweight or a bit under-developed. I hope boys never pay you any attention, unless it's for the answers on last night's algebra homework. I want you to never feel the titillating warmth of a boy's arm around your waist. I pray your crush never notices you. It is my wish, teenage girls, that when you go to the homecoming dance, you don't have a date, so you have to go with your best friend. I hope you feel slightly uncomfortable when you look at the prettiest girls in the most expensive dresses with the fanciest hair and the most handsome of dates. I hope you look at one of them and wish to be her, but realize that never in a thousand years will you ever be her. I want you to go home at the end of your day, and hole up in your room, and read sappy poetry or draw stupid pictures or listen to disgustingly heart-wrenching music. I want you to be that girl who is a good student, but is always awkward. I want you to be that girl who is funny, but isn't very pretty. I want you to be that girl who is creative, but always feels alone.

Because one day, you won't be that girl anymore.

One day, you will be a woman. One day, your hair will start doing what it needs to do. One day, you will find clothes that fit and make you feel wonderful. One day, you will get contacts and your braces will come off and you will slim down and fill out. One day, boys will notice you, and want to get to know you. One day, you will feel the tender touch of a man's hand in yours. One day, a man will fight for you. One day, you'll be out at a bar or a club or a restaurant or the store, and you will not feel uncomfortable when someone prettier and richer with a sexy boyfriend or husband walks in. One day, you will be able to look at her, and you will thank God that you aren't her. Because you've now realized that you have seen and you have wished and you have yearned and you have felt, but you know that you love you. You, the smart woman with a good job. You, the clever woman who is the life of parties. You, the creative soul who gives herself joy in something.

Remember, teenage girls, that right now, is not supposed to be the best time of your life. Right now is supposed to be hard. Bide your time, observe, and remember. You're supposed to feel and learn. Right now, experience the full brunt of pain, of sadness, and of loneliness. If you do it now, you'll never have to do it again.


A woman

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