Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The toxic spill
The noxious fumes
The pain, the pestilence
Famine, chaos, discord

Hail Eris, they speak!
Their tongues tripping in jubilation!
The hearts of men held rapt by the furor.
Hail Eris, they cry!
Whoa, for she is merciless!

Her ivory fingers spreading poison throughout the land
And her apple, her golden fruit
Lobbed like a grenade between lovers and foes
Hail Eris, they shout!
Yea, for she is ruthless!

The willows weep and burn
The river runs red and wild
Stones crumble.
Hearts blacken.
Hail Eris, they speak!
Whoa, for she is powerful!

She sees what is good, and she weakens.
She sees what is pure, and she falters.
Within her box of misery, she is unprotected.
She is nothing without the pain of others.

Hail Eris, they shout!
Before castrating themselves for her sake
So she may thrive another day.

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